Philadelphia restaurant owners Anthony Lucidonio Sr, and his son Nicholas have been charged with defrauding the IRS, tax evasion and aiding and filing false tax returns.

The Internal Revenue Service Indictment states that from 2006 to 2016, the Tony Luke’s cheesesteak  franchise owners concealed more than eight million dollars in receipts from the IRS. The two deposited only part of their income into business bank accounts and filed tax returns that downplayed their income. They then allegedly gave their CPA a second set of numbers to prepare their corporate and personal tax returns.

Failing to report the eight million dollars was just the start of it all. The Lucidonios also committed employment tax fraud by paying their employees a part of their salaries “off the books” in cash. In 2014 and 2015 the two allegedly filed false quarterly employment tax returns that significantly downplayed wages paid and taxes due. In another scheme they paid employees with checks that they then asked them to sign over to the company, in exchange for envelopes filled with cash.

The father and son face are facing 66 years in prison, supervised release, restitution and penalties.