Business Tax Benefits
Boost Your Cash Flow by Writing Off That Old Roof

This post explains how business owners can get a valuable tax deduction by writing off the remaining basis of an old roof, elevator, HVAC system or other building components when

The Key in Tax Resolution is to Define the Solution

so the problem doesn’t repeat itselfFor business owners and self-employed individuals who owe over $100,000 to the IRS, you’re going to want to listen to this message because this is

Beware of Bad Tax Advice on TikTok: A Cautionary Tale

The Tax Court denied equitable relief to a taxpayer seeking Innocent Spouse Relief after his ex-wife improperly claimed deductions on their joint tax return. Despite meeting several conditions, the court

Minded woman customer female buyer client wears blue shirt chooses auto between two cars wants to buy new automobile in car showroom vehicle salon dealership store motor show indoor. Sales concept
Who Should Own the Business Car: Corporation or Individual?

Deciding who should own the business car—yourself or your corporation—is a crucial decision for single-owner S corporations. This choice impacts insurance rates, tax deductions, and administrative complexity. Individual ownership may