Marilyn J. Mosby allegedly made a false hardship claim to withdraw retirement funds.

Baltimore’s top prosecutor has been indicted by a federal grand jury on four charges, including perjury for claiming a COVID-19 hardship on applications to withdraw $90,000 from her retirement account.

A lawyer for Baltimore City’s State Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby described the indictment as “bogus charges.” At the time Mosby made the hardship applications, her annual salary was nearly $250,000. Federal prosecutors also allege that Mosby made false statements on mortgage applications, claiming she was not in default on any federal debt when she in fact was delinquent in paying taxes to the IRS.

Mosby and her husband, Baltimore City Council President Nick J. Mosby, had a federal tax lien filed against them in 2020, alleging that they owed $45,022 in back taxes.