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Innocent Spouse Relief in Abram-Perezville, TX: The IRSProb’s Outstanding Expertise

Spotlighting Extraordinary Service for Extraordinary Dilemmas

There’s an old saying that “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” While that may be generally true, at IRSProb we believe in a third certainty – our unwavering commitment to providing comprehensive tax solutions services. And our prowess doesn’t stop at handling everyday tax concerns; we specialize in issues that are far from everyday, like Innocent Spouse Relief.

In the labyrinth of IRS codes and policies, Innocent Spouse Relief is an oasis of hope. It’s an IRS provision that protects taxpayers from the burden of additional tax owed if a spouse or former spouse failed to report income, reported income improperly or claimed ineligible deductions or credits. Deeply complex, it’s not something an average tax service can adequately handle. But remember, we at IRSProb are anything but average.

On the stage of Abram-Perezville, we stride the boards not just as ordinary support staff but as tax virtuosos equipped to handle complex tax situations. We may not wear red capes, but we fight for your financial health and peace of mind as avidly as any superhero. We shine the spotlight on our customer-service ethos because we understand that dealing with tax issues is often as pleasant as a root canal, and we’re committed to infusing care, compassion, and understanding into every interaction.

Breaking Down Our Detailed Approach: A Masterclass in Innocent Spouse Relief Solutions

For you, the Abram-Perezville Taxpayer, let’s unravel the mystery of our unparalleled professional services. Our engagement begins with a detailed case analysis where we scrutinize your tax situation to discern whether Innocent Spouse Relief is the right remedy for you. We’re not going to waste your time and money on a solution that isn’t a perfect fit for your situation. And that’s just the first act of our performance.

Next, we prepare the painstakingly detailed case we’ll present to the IRS on your behalf, a process that includes gathering supporting evidence and crafting persuasive narratives. We leverage our deep knowledge of tax law, precedents, and IRS policies to engineer the most compelling case possible. It’s not just about paperwork at IRSProb; we believe in telling a compelling story that elucidates your financial truth.

Our final act? Fierce and tenacious advocacy. We meet the IRS head-on, fighting your corner with our extensive knowledge and strategic insights, ensuring you get the fair consideration you deserve. With IRSProb, you’ve got a tax gladiator in your corner, skilled at navigating the terrain of tax policy.

Local Understanding That Goes a Long Way

IRSProb may not have a physical office in Abram-Perezville, but we’ve been serving its residents for years, ensuring they get the best possible outcomes to their tax issues. We’ve engaged with your community, understood your unique economy, and developed a deep understanding of the tax challenges faced by residents of Abram-Perezville. We pride ourselves on solving tax problems while undermining the myth that local proximity equals superior service.

Feeding into our local approach is our commitment to personability. Outside of the tax word-soup, we thrive on human connection: understanding your concerns, calming your fears, and ensuring a smooth journey towards financial solvency. We believe that unraveling the Gordian knot of tax issues is a two-way street that’s aided by open communication, empathy, and mutual trust.

In conclusion, choosing IRSProb, isn’t just about hiring a tax service. It’s about tapping into a reservoir of tax laws intelligence, marrying that with astute articulation of your financial scenario, and adding a dash of seasoned negotiation skills. We offer not just a service, but a comprehensive tax solution. Because in our world, one thing certain besides death and taxes: IRSProb’s unwavering commitment to our clients in Abram-Perezville.

The Yardstick of The Right Selection

Are you an Abram-Perezville resident seeking Innocent Spouse Relief, but baffled by a wild plenitude of options? No worries, as IRSProb is your perfect partner in the intricate dance with tax-excuses. But on what grounds? First off, an unmatched track record of success. IRSProb is equipped with a golden armory of triumphs when it comes to Innocent Spouse Relief. When submerged in the sea of tax complications, you want a navigator that has skillfully charted through similar courses and brought numerous clients safely to the shore of relief.

Then experience comes into play. Just like fine wine or a strong coffee, the proficiency required for tax intricacies benefits from time. IRSProb weathers against time, honing their craftmaking in dealing with the IRS. It is their bewitching power that they understand the intimate details of the law as well as the mercurial moods of the IRS, leveraging this knowledge to guide you on an unscathed path to Innocent Spouse Relief.

Lastly, do not underestimate the significance of professionalism and personal touch. The team of IRSProb possesses the exceptional skills of balancing warmth of personalized engagement with the composed demeanor of a professional service. Thus, every Abram-Perezville resident who comes to seek help, sails through their Innocent Spouse Relief journey, firmly anchored by a beacon of trust and reliability that is IRSProb.

Answers You Seek, Now At Your Fingertips

Now, let us unroll the infinite scroll of knowledge and decode some of the most common conundrums faced by our clients. And no, this ain’t a magical riddle from mythical tales, but practical, real-world questions that toil in the minds of taxpayers.

To start with, “What exactly is Innocent Spouse Relief?” It’s an IRS provision designed to alleviate unfairly positioned spouses from paying taxes that have been underpaid by their partners. But alas, dear Abram-Perezville resident, the provision isn’t as innocent as it sounds. The pathway to Innocent Spouse Relief is woven with threads of complexities. And that’s where IRSProb steps in, walking alongside you, untangling each knot and every snarl.

How do you qualify for Innocent Spouse Relief, you wonder? Quite a few nuances drive eligibility, some quite labyrinthine. However, fear not, as the sherlocks at IRSProb are adept at dusting off the cobwebs from every puzzle, be it understatement of tax, erroneous items, or unforeseen conditions, to name but a few.

Then comes the inevitable query, “What If I am denied Innocent Spouse Relief?” IRSProb firmly clutches your hand through this stormy weather. Denial is but a temporary obstacle, merely a twist in the maze of tax-reliefs. IRSProb, with their comprehensive understanding of Innocent Spouse Relief laws, advocates steadfastly on your behalf, navigating the game of appeals until the board turns in your favor.

Epilogue or a New Beginning? Diagramming the Next Steps for Abram-Perezville Residents

Now that you are acquainted with Innocent Spouse Relief and IRSProb, you might be toying with the question, “What next?”. Here’s the trail that leads us from crossroads to the serene meadows of tax-reliefs.

The pioneering stride towards Innocent Spouse Relief begins with acknowledging the problem and accepting the need for professional aid. IRSProb is merely a phone call or an email away.

Upon consultation, IRSProb conducts a detailed assessment, toppling the dominos of tax complications one by one. Lay your burden of past returns, existing debts, or hurdles of qualification in their capable hands. Their meticulous eye will cross every ‘t’ and dot every ‘i’, ensuring an aptly filled Form 8857, requesting relief by separation of liability and equitable relief.

While the story unfolds, patience must be your entrusted ally. The process may be slow-paced, but the seasoned experts at IRSProb continue their undeterred pursuit of relief for you. They engage in fierce negotiation and diligent communication with the IRS on your behalf, ensuring your justified claim is recognized.

Rest assured, Abram-Perezville resident. With IRSProb, you embark on a journey that promises a triumphant epilogue of Innocent Spouse Relief, closing the book on tax complications and signaling the dawn of a stress-free fiscal horizon.

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Tax resolution encompasses the services and processes aimed at resolving tax disputes and liabilities with tax authorities, often involving negotiations, settlements, or compliance strategies.

Innocent Spouse Relief

Presenting your case to the IRS in order to dissociate your from penalties due to your spouse’s inability to pay their taxes.

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Our Client Reviews

Charity Tant
Charity Tant
Brandy Reed
Brandy Reed
Ray Bond and Randall Martin demonstrated exceptional support during a highly stressful time, providing reassurance and guidance that significantly eased my overwhelming situation. Their expertise and compassionate approach made a meaningful difference, and I'm truly grateful for their assistance.
Lauren Stamper
Lauren Stamper
This group is fantastic to work with! Very knowledgeable, quick and responsive, kind and educational.... highly recommend!
Letisha Hardy
Letisha Hardy
I spoke with Ray and he was awesome. He gave me great information and led me in the right direction to resolve my tax issue. I would highly recommend IRSProb to anyone, you will not be disappointed.
B Harvey
B Harvey
Randell Martin and his team were awesome helping us get the IRS out of our small business. They came after us for tens of thousands of dollars and settled for 0 dollars after Randell worked his magic! Randell and his team got us cleared and helped relieve a huge stress in our lives when we didn’t know who to turn to.
Alana Guyger
Alana Guyger
When helping me resolve my issues with the IRS, Randell and George were incredibly professional and helpful. They answered all of my questions with patience and expertise. I will definitely be using them to meet my future tax needs.
Lacey DeNisco
Lacey DeNisco
Ray & Randy were so helpful and provided relief during an incredibly difficult season in my life! God bless y’all!
Sharron Molloy
Sharron Molloy
I got a notice in 2020 that I owed taxes from 2018 in a very large amount. I immediately started checking and come to find out I transferred an Ira from one facility to another and invested it again in an IRA. The bank sent in the wrong 1099 to IRS showing it a cash out income. I tried sending letters to thr IRS to no avail. So I found Randy Martin online and called him. He immediately started to work for me. I felt after talking to him that he would get the job donHe did. I only owe the IRS a fraction of the original amount. Thank you IRSProb
Brandi G.
Brandi G.
My husband worked with Randell to help resolve tax issues with one of my former businesses after personal attempts to rectify the issue with a specific merchant were unsuccessful (while the IRS reviewed our file and extended our dispute, we initially lost the battle). Randell helped alleviate the stress put on our family and calmed our anxiety and took all of our previously compiled documentation to help fight our case and helped us get our cases dismissed! Would not hesitate to recommend these guys!
James Dorsett
James Dorsett
Randy was helpful with my situation in how to get out of it.


CLICK HERE or call (833) IRS-PROB or (214) 214-3000 to speak to a tax associate today. They will outline the specifics of your case and help map out your options moving forward. If you’ve received any certified mail or other threatening correspondence recently, make sure and tell them so they can take the necessary steps to intervene with immediate action. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Relief is just a simple phone call or click away.


Prices will vary considerably depending on the scope of work needed to be done and complexity to your general liability issue. We have been in business for over twenty-five years, and find that it benefits the consumer to pay a fair fee for a fair service. There are simply no cutting corners. In many cases we offer interest free financing of our fee, allowing you to make payments over time. A general range for our services is as follows: simple tax returns can cost a few hundred dollars each, simple tax resolution cases can be between fifteen hundred and twenty five hundred each, and more complex cases can cost in the thousands. As fees vary based on work, such as returns needing to be filed and garnishments needing to be lifted, please contact one of our tax associates for a free evaluation of your options and to better price your tax issues.


For most cases involving a tax liability, we begin representation by having you sign and remit to us several IRS forms. The first is an 8821, which allows us to order your master tax file and see how much is owed and for what years. The second form is a 2848 which allows us to speak directly to the IRS on your behalf so that we can request a hold against collection action and negotiate directly with your assigned revenue officer. We then send you a financial questionnaire which must be filled in and sent back to us. At that point, there will be discussions as we work to prepare your resolution matter and/or negotiate directly with an assigned revenue officer. Depending on the resolution matter, cases will vary moving forward, but these are the basic steps to getting represented.

The specific steps involved in an IRS tax resolution case will vary depending on the specific circumstances of the case and the resolution options being pursued. However, generally speaking, the following steps may be involved:

  1. We Contact the IRS: The first step in resolving a tax issue with the IRS is to contact them. We want to be certain that your assets are protected from IRS bank levies, paycheck garnishments, and the other numerous IRS enforcement actions that the Internal Revenue Service has available to them.  We also want to request all your records from the Internal Revenue Service.
  2. Gather necessary documents: In order to resolve your tax issue, we will need to provide the IRS with certain documents. This may include tax returns, financial statements, and proof of income.  This phase is often referred to as “Discovery.”
  3. Determine the maximum resolution option: There are several resolution options available to taxpayers who owe taxes to the IRS. We go through them all to find out what is the best option for you and your specific situation.
  4. Negotiate with the IRS: Once we have determined the resolution option that is best for you, we proceed to negotiate with the IRS to reach an agreement on the terms of your resolution. This may involve submitting an application, paying a fee, and providing additional documentation.  This part is called the “Negotiations”
  5. Follow through on the resolution: Once we reach an agreement with the IRS, it is important to follow through on the terms of the resolution. This may involve making timely payments, submitting required documents, or taking other actions as specified in the agreement.

The first step of getting the ball rolling and signing up with us is always the hardest.  This begins with a call to us at (833) IRS-PROB or (214) 214-3000.  Call Today!

IRSPROB.com is a tax resolution firm, not a law firm in the state of Texas.  Since we deal with income taxes, we work at the Federal level.   Our sole area of focus is on mediating and resolving difficult tax liability matters before the IRS and State taxing authorities. We are a team of dedicated tax professionals with one singular goal in mind: to get you the best tax relief results possible. That means rolling up our sleeves and tackling wage garnishments, bank levies, un-filed tax returns, settlements and calming aggressive revenue officers. We have tax preparers, certified public accountants, attorneys, and enrolled agents available to work on the cases of our clients as required by the case.

Yes, but ask questions. Tax mediation and collection work is a specialty niche service, and is one the requires years of experience and knowledge. While your local CPA or Attorney may have a general understanding of your liability issue, the difference between our specialties is similar to hiring a general physician to perform open heart surgery; education and experience are dramatically different.

IRS Tax issues is all our firm does, and we have become an expert in the field, consulting both individual taxpayers and corporations across the nation for the past twenty-five years. As our volume of cases is so high, we are able to offer our services at affordable rates relative to some attorneys or CPA’s who charge by the hour with limited knowledge of the Internal Revenue Code, US Treasury Regulations, Internal Revenue Manual, and other IRS procedures, letters, and announcements that change on a weekly basis.

Yes, our hard working team includes attorneys, seasoned in all aspects of IRS collections and settlement proceedings. Some tax providers claim to use attorneys when they really don’t. You can verify this by requesting them to send you a 2848 power of attorney form. On this form, you will be able to see who is representing you. If the representative is not an attorney, you do not have an attorney representing you. It’s as simple as that. Besides attorneys, we also have Enrolled Agents on staff. It is our belief that different educational backgrounds bring a unique perspective to each case, and help to better service the many different areas of tax resolution for our clients. What is a ‘Tax Relief Attorney’? It’s a general term used to describe an attorney with experience in tax relief matters, such as negotiating an IRS installment agreement or preparing settlements, and does not imply that the attorney has a specialized tax law degree. Note: Due to normal staffing variances, we may or may not have both forms of representation available at all times during the year.

We are located in Dallas, Texas and serve clients across the nation. Our mailing address is:

14800 Quorum Drive, Suite 140
Dallas, Texas 75254

For most of our clients, we service them easily through phone, chat and email. However, we understand that some of our clients prefer meeting in person. We have beautiful facilities and meet with clients everyday. If you would like to setup a time to come in, simply call a tax associate and they will schedule an appointment.

Yes! We are one of the only firms in the nation with years of experience in these high dollar value cases!

If you have a tax debt, and the IRS or state collection agencies are in the process of collecting, both individuals and businesses can qualify for certain tax relief measures. These could be a reprieve against collections wherein all notices and threats of asset seizure are suspended, an agreement to waive accrued penalties on the initial tax liability, or in certain cases a suspension of collection altogether and a mediation of the tax liability. As qualifications for these measures vary from case to case, understanding your options and getting current with an accurate road-map are important considerations our associates will sit with you and go over in depth.

You want your prior-year tax returns done the right way. We are specialist in catching taxpayers up on prior-year tax return filings while minimizing the amount owed.
Many taxpayers will accumulate tax debt at an alarming rate when their returns are not filed because the IRS submits the return for them on their behalf, commonly referred to as an SFR (Substitute for Return). This is the worst form of taxation as it allows for zero deductions and maximizes the IRS’s revenue. We assist many clients who haven’t filed their tax returns in years, and in many cases, we can reduce the liability that has accrued, bring the taxpayer legally current, and maintain their returns with our year-over-year tax planning and preparation service.
You want your prior-year tax returns done the right way. We are specialist in catching taxpayers up on prior-year tax return filings while minimizing the amount owed.
Many taxpayers will accumulate tax debt at an alarming rate when their returns are not filed because the IRS submits the return for them on their behalf, commonly referred to as an SFR (Substitute for Return). This is the worst form of taxation as it allows for zero deductions and maximizes the IRS’s revenue. We assist many clients who haven’t filed their tax returns in years, and in many cases, we can reduce the liability that has accrued, bring the taxpayer legally current, and maintain their returns with our year-over-year tax planning and preparation service.
For the most part, we are generally able to stop most forms of collections against our clients quickly. When you decide to take advantage of our services, we will assume tax power of attorney (IRS form 2848, which you can review on our forms page) which allows us to do several very important things for you. First, it gives us authority to speak to the IRS on your behalf, letting us contact the IRS and request either a 30, 60, or 90 day hold on collections, and when appropriate, we can even place an account into what’s called CNC – Currently Non Collectible, wherein the IRS will cease collection action indefinitely. The second thing the 2848 allows us to do is get your mail and notices, which keeps us current with your case and directs correspondence through our office instead of your mailbox. From here, we will work with you to tailor a program or relief option best suited to your needs.
IRSPROB.com is a full service tax consulting and mediation provider, offering a suite of solutions including individual and corporate tax return planning, IRS audit and appeals representation, garnishment and levy removal, and IRS negotiations.

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