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A Closer Look at Your Tax Lifesaver

Ever faced tax tribulations that make you feel like you’re wading through a murky IRS swamp? Welcome to the clean, safe shores of IRSProb, your lifeline to Innocent Spouse Relief in Snyder TX. With a pinnacle of expertise and a landslide of successful client cases, we have won the reputation of turning tax troubles into triumphant tales!

Sure, you might find calculators fascinating, and there’s nothing wrong with a little self-help tax book now and then. But when the IRS comes knocking, wouldn’t you want a seasoned expert by your side to ward off the tax beast? That’s where we come in. We encourage the tax-fatigued and the tax-frightened to take heart as our team of skilled tax specialists triumphantly takes to the field, ready to settle your tax disputes efficiently, effectively, and, most importantly, in your favour.

So why trust us with your tax troubles? Put simply; we understand. We understand the labyrinth that is the IRS, we understand how cumbersome, complicated, and frustrating the journey to Innocent Spouse Relief can be, and—most importantly—we understand you. Each case we handle is treated with the utmost care because, for us, it’s not just about numbers on a page. It’s about individuals, about families. It’s about you.

The Tax Breakdown Encircle: Uncovering Innocent Spouse Relief

Envisage this scenario. You’ve just sat down with a steaming mug of fresh coffee, ready to start your day, when an intimidating tax notice from the IRS skyrockets your blood pressure. ‘Joint Liability’ they say, insisting you’re responsible for mistakes made by your spouse or even an ex-spouse. Welcome to the first hurdle in your race to Innocent Spouse Relief.

Breathe! Let’s demystify this journey. Our first stop is Request for Innocent Spouse Relief (Form 8857). This form is your magic wand, your ticket to potentially wipe out part or all your share of the tax, interest, and penalties. But don’t be fooled by the deceiving simplicity of the form. The maze that follows includes stringent qualifiers, problematic procedures, and hard-to-break-through barriers.

Tackling separately, equitable relief, innocent spouse relief, or relief from liability and differentiating under what circumstances each applies can be a head-spinning ordeal. That’s why we’re here. At IRSProb, we walk beside you at every step of the journey, helping you walk through definitions, understand implications, and ultimately, clear the IRS hurdle without breaking a sweat. We help unpack the tax jargon into a language you understand.

Not in Snyder? Not a Problem! Locally Global and Here for You

Though we are not physically located in Snyder TX, we make Snyder feel like home by providing unrivalled Innocent Spouse Relief Services. And just like your friendly neighborhood baker knows your favorite pastry, we know you. We understand Snyder. The traditions, the people, the atmosphere, and of course, the most taxing tax issues that have been sending chills down your spine.

Truly, there’s a certain kind of comfort knowing that help is just around the corner, that someone in the vicinity understands your plight. And though we may not share the same physical postcode, we’re as local to Snyder as your next-door neighbor. In fact, think of us as your tax neighbors, here to lend a hand, share a laugh, and, importantly, to help you win your war against IRS.

Our technological capabilities ensure dedicated support, tailored to your tax needs in Snyder. The benefit? You evade the cost and hassle of long commutes just to avail of expert tax relief services. What’s more, our localized insights into tax issues faced by Spouse Joint Filers in Snyder, make us poised to deal with your case with the right blend of tax acumen and practical familiarity.

So remember, you may be up against the biggest tax agencies, but you’re not alone. You have IRSProb. Hold our hand and let’s navigate this complex tax world, one form at a time.

Are You the Perfect Fit? Scoping Out the Selection Criteria

For Snyder residents, walking through the sticky web of tax drama knotted with the IRS can turn into a nightmare rather swiftly. That’s where IRSProb swoops in as a tax superhero, coming to Snyder to save the day. We have a particular knack for untangling the thorny issue of Innocent Spouse Relief. However, not all who wander are lost, and not all who owe are eligible. We start unravelling this tax jargon by discussing the selection criteria.

Breathe easy, dear Snyderites, like picking out the perfect cowboy hat, IRSProb knows precisely what to look for when identifying a proper match for Innocent Spouse Relief. Rule number one for the IRS round-up: married folks only. But it’s not all curtains if you’re divorced, separated or widowed; your circumstances are still up for consideration. This just scratches the surface, though. The IRS also considers other factors, like knowledge or whether it’s fair to hold you accountable for the tax owed.

Shouldering tax burdens could become light as a summer breeze in Snyder if you know where to look. IRSProb is that steady lighthouse, guiding Snyder denizens through the murky IRS waters with panache. Our tax experts dive deep into your situation, ensuring that you stand in perfect alignment with the required selection parameters before we engage with the IRS. So, even if there’s more gray area than a Snyder dust storm, we’ll find a way through.

Say Yeehaw to Your Burning FAQs – Answers that Sparkle Like Texas Stars

Information can sometimes be as scarce as rainfall in this West Texas town when it comes to tax-related questions. We’re all for quenching that thirst for understanding with a lavish spread of answers, which cushions your anxieties and equips you with clarity. So pull up a chair, grab a glass of sweet tea, and let’s address some of the hottest FAQs about Innocent Spouse Relief.

First off, what exactly does Innocent Spouse Relief cover? Well, it’s your ticket to freedom from having to pay additional taxes owed by your spouse or ex-spouse. Essentially, if your significant other messed up the joint tax return misleading the IRS, and you were blissfully unaware, the IRS considers you an innocent spouse.

How about the timeline? Is there a ticking clock attached to this tax lifeline? The cowboy boot fits; you indeed have a set period, precisely two years, from IRS’s first collection-related contact, to apply. The tax experts at IRSProb can help you get a handle on these time frames, ensuring no stray deadlines lasso you unexpectedly.

But what about those who might have received a lesser share of the cowboy’s treasure? If you’re worried that the division of assets in a divorce or separation doesn’t tally with the tax due, don’t fret. The IRS has got you covered with the separate liability election, and we’re here to guide you through it.

Snyderites, Giddy Up for Your Next Steps

Now that you’re armed with precise intel about Innocent Spouce Relief, it’s time to chart the course forward. Let’s not tower over your journey with tax confusion; instead, let IRSProb pave the way to navigating this taxing path seamlessly.

Nothing screams confidence louder than a proactive approach. IRSProb is ready to co-pilot your journey by analyzing your tax situation and guiding you through the Innocent Spouse Relief application process step by step. Even with your eyes closed, we’ve got you.

Your next move would be to gather all the necessary paperwork—the more thorough, the better. IRSProb proves to be a game-changer here by assisting you in drafting a detailed response for the IRS, thus leaving no room for any potential hiccups.

In the grand rodeo of taxes, it can be easy to feel like a lone ranger. But with IRSProb, you’re never alone in the saddle. Let us lead the charge, doing everything with a little bit of good humor and a whole lot of Texas charm. No matter your tax situation, if you’re in Snyder and seek relief from unfair tax liabilities, know you’ve got a Treasury-defined ‘Innocent Spouse’ in your corner. Welcome to easier, carefree days in the tax world. With us taking reins, the sunsets are only going to get more spectacular from here.

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Tax consultation involves professional advice provided by experts to help individuals or businesses understand and manage their tax obligations effectively.

Tax Preparation

Tax preparation involves the process of compiling and filing income tax returns, often with the assistance of a professional, to ensure accuracy and compliance with tax laws.

Tax resolution encompasses the services and processes aimed at resolving tax disputes and liabilities with tax authorities, often involving negotiations, settlements, or compliance strategies.

Innocent Spouse Relief

Presenting your case to the IRS in order to dissociate your from penalties due to your spouse’s inability to pay their taxes.

IRS Audits

Ensuring that your rights are respected by IRS agents, and serving as your authorized representative knowledgable in tax law.

Trust Fund Recovery Penalties

Assisting you with resolving delinquent employee income tax withholdings, associated penalties and abatement.

Offer In Compromise

Providing professional guidance so that you can pay off your tax debt for a fraction of the original cost if you qualify.

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Guiding you through the process of negotiating a release of the lien through an installment plan with the IRS.

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Specializing in filing Installment Agreements and helping taxpayers unable to fulfill their existing IRS payment agreements.

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A tax levy is a legal action taken by tax authorities to seize property or assets to satisfy a tax debt when other collection efforts have failed.

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A tax lawyer is a legal professional specializing in tax law, who advises and represents clients on complex tax issues, disputes, and compliance matters.

IRS Tax Help

Tax help refers to assistance provided to individuals or businesses in managing and fulfilling their tax obligations, often through advisory services, filing support, or dispute resolution.

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Charity Tant
Charity Tant
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Brandy Reed
Brandy Reed
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Ray Bond and Randall Martin demonstrated exceptional support during a highly stressful time, providing reassurance and guidance that significantly eased my overwhelming situation. Their expertise and compassionate approach made a meaningful difference, and I'm truly grateful for their assistance.
Lauren Stamper
Lauren Stamper
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This group is fantastic to work with! Very knowledgeable, quick and responsive, kind and educational.... highly recommend!
Letisha Hardy
Letisha Hardy
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I spoke with Ray and he was awesome. He gave me great information and led me in the right direction to resolve my tax issue. I would highly recommend IRSProb to anyone, you will not be disappointed.
B Harvey
B Harvey
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Randell Martin and his team were awesome helping us get the IRS out of our small business. They came after us for tens of thousands of dollars and settled for 0 dollars after Randell worked his magic! Randell and his team got us cleared and helped relieve a huge stress in our lives when we didn’t know who to turn to.
Alana Guyger
Alana Guyger
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When helping me resolve my issues with the IRS, Randell and George were incredibly professional and helpful. They answered all of my questions with patience and expertise. I will definitely be using them to meet my future tax needs.
Lacey DeNisco
Lacey DeNisco
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Ray & Randy were so helpful and provided relief during an incredibly difficult season in my life! God bless y’all!
Sharron Molloy
Sharron Molloy
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I got a notice in 2020 that I owed taxes from 2018 in a very large amount. I immediately started checking and come to find out I transferred an Ira from one facility to another and invested it again in an IRA. The bank sent in the wrong 1099 to IRS showing it a cash out income. I tried sending letters to thr IRS to no avail. So I found Randy Martin online and called him. He immediately started to work for me. I felt after talking to him that he would get the job donHe did. I only owe the IRS a fraction of the original amount. Thank you IRSProb
Brandi G.
Brandi G.
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My husband worked with Randell to help resolve tax issues with one of my former businesses after personal attempts to rectify the issue with a specific merchant were unsuccessful (while the IRS reviewed our file and extended our dispute, we initially lost the battle). Randell helped alleviate the stress put on our family and calmed our anxiety and took all of our previously compiled documentation to help fight our case and helped us get our cases dismissed! Would not hesitate to recommend these guys!
James Dorsett
James Dorsett
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Randy was helpful with my situation in how to get out of it.


CLICK HERE or call (833) IRS-PROB or (214) 214-3000 to speak to a tax associate today. They will outline the specifics of your case and help map out your options moving forward. If you’ve received any certified mail or other threatening correspondence recently, make sure and tell them so they can take the necessary steps to intervene with immediate action. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Relief is just a simple phone call or click away.


Prices will vary considerably depending on the scope of work needed to be done and complexity to your general liability issue. We have been in business for over twenty-five years, and find that it benefits the consumer to pay a fair fee for a fair service. There are simply no cutting corners. In many cases we offer interest free financing of our fee, allowing you to make payments over time. A general range for our services is as follows: simple tax returns can cost a few hundred dollars each, simple tax resolution cases can be between fifteen hundred and twenty five hundred each, and more complex cases can cost in the thousands. As fees vary based on work, such as returns needing to be filed and garnishments needing to be lifted, please contact one of our tax associates for a free evaluation of your options and to better price your tax issues.


For most cases involving a tax liability, we begin representation by having you sign and remit to us several IRS forms. The first is an 8821, which allows us to order your master tax file and see how much is owed and for what years. The second form is a 2848 which allows us to speak directly to the IRS on your behalf so that we can request a hold against collection action and negotiate directly with your assigned revenue officer. We then send you a financial questionnaire which must be filled in and sent back to us. At that point, there will be discussions as we work to prepare your resolution matter and/or negotiate directly with an assigned revenue officer. Depending on the resolution matter, cases will vary moving forward, but these are the basic steps to getting represented.

The specific steps involved in an IRS tax resolution case will vary depending on the specific circumstances of the case and the resolution options being pursued. However, generally speaking, the following steps may be involved:

  1. We Contact the IRS: The first step in resolving a tax issue with the IRS is to contact them. We want to be certain that your assets are protected from IRS bank levies, paycheck garnishments, and the other numerous IRS enforcement actions that the Internal Revenue Service has available to them.  We also want to request all your records from the Internal Revenue Service.
  2. Gather necessary documents: In order to resolve your tax issue, we will need to provide the IRS with certain documents. This may include tax returns, financial statements, and proof of income.  This phase is often referred to as “Discovery.”
  3. Determine the maximum resolution option: There are several resolution options available to taxpayers who owe taxes to the IRS. We go through them all to find out what is the best option for you and your specific situation.
  4. Negotiate with the IRS: Once we have determined the resolution option that is best for you, we proceed to negotiate with the IRS to reach an agreement on the terms of your resolution. This may involve submitting an application, paying a fee, and providing additional documentation.  This part is called the “Negotiations”
  5. Follow through on the resolution: Once we reach an agreement with the IRS, it is important to follow through on the terms of the resolution. This may involve making timely payments, submitting required documents, or taking other actions as specified in the agreement.

The first step of getting the ball rolling and signing up with us is always the hardest.  This begins with a call to us at (833) IRS-PROB or (214) 214-3000.  Call Today!

IRSPROB.com is a tax resolution firm, not a law firm in the state of Texas.  Since we deal with income taxes, we work at the Federal level.   Our sole area of focus is on mediating and resolving difficult tax liability matters before the IRS and State taxing authorities. We are a team of dedicated tax professionals with one singular goal in mind: to get you the best tax relief results possible. That means rolling up our sleeves and tackling wage garnishments, bank levies, un-filed tax returns, settlements and calming aggressive revenue officers. We have tax preparers, certified public accountants, attorneys, and enrolled agents available to work on the cases of our clients as required by the case.

Yes, but ask questions. Tax mediation and collection work is a specialty niche service, and is one the requires years of experience and knowledge. While your local CPA or Attorney may have a general understanding of your liability issue, the difference between our specialties is similar to hiring a general physician to perform open heart surgery; education and experience are dramatically different.

IRS Tax issues is all our firm does, and we have become an expert in the field, consulting both individual taxpayers and corporations across the nation for the past twenty-five years. As our volume of cases is so high, we are able to offer our services at affordable rates relative to some attorneys or CPA’s who charge by the hour with limited knowledge of the Internal Revenue Code, US Treasury Regulations, Internal Revenue Manual, and other IRS procedures, letters, and announcements that change on a weekly basis.

Yes, our hard working team includes attorneys, seasoned in all aspects of IRS collections and settlement proceedings. Some tax providers claim to use attorneys when they really don’t. You can verify this by requesting them to send you a 2848 power of attorney form. On this form, you will be able to see who is representing you. If the representative is not an attorney, you do not have an attorney representing you. It’s as simple as that. Besides attorneys, we also have Enrolled Agents on staff. It is our belief that different educational backgrounds bring a unique perspective to each case, and help to better service the many different areas of tax resolution for our clients. What is a ‘Tax Relief Attorney’? It’s a general term used to describe an attorney with experience in tax relief matters, such as negotiating an IRS installment agreement or preparing settlements, and does not imply that the attorney has a specialized tax law degree. Note: Due to normal staffing variances, we may or may not have both forms of representation available at all times during the year.

We are located in Dallas, Texas and serve clients across the nation. Our mailing address is:

14800 Quorum Drive, Suite 140
Dallas, Texas 75254

For most of our clients, we service them easily through phone, chat and email. However, we understand that some of our clients prefer meeting in person. We have beautiful facilities and meet with clients everyday. If you would like to setup a time to come in, simply call a tax associate and they will schedule an appointment.

Yes! We are one of the only firms in the nation with years of experience in these high dollar value cases!

If you have a tax debt, and the IRS or state collection agencies are in the process of collecting, both individuals and businesses can qualify for certain tax relief measures. These could be a reprieve against collections wherein all notices and threats of asset seizure are suspended, an agreement to waive accrued penalties on the initial tax liability, or in certain cases a suspension of collection altogether and a mediation of the tax liability. As qualifications for these measures vary from case to case, understanding your options and getting current with an accurate road-map are important considerations our associates will sit with you and go over in depth.

You want your prior-year tax returns done the right way. We are specialist in catching taxpayers up on prior-year tax return filings while minimizing the amount owed.
Many taxpayers will accumulate tax debt at an alarming rate when their returns are not filed because the IRS submits the return for them on their behalf, commonly referred to as an SFR (Substitute for Return). This is the worst form of taxation as it allows for zero deductions and maximizes the IRS’s revenue. We assist many clients who haven’t filed their tax returns in years, and in many cases, we can reduce the liability that has accrued, bring the taxpayer legally current, and maintain their returns with our year-over-year tax planning and preparation service.
You want your prior-year tax returns done the right way. We are specialist in catching taxpayers up on prior-year tax return filings while minimizing the amount owed.
Many taxpayers will accumulate tax debt at an alarming rate when their returns are not filed because the IRS submits the return for them on their behalf, commonly referred to as an SFR (Substitute for Return). This is the worst form of taxation as it allows for zero deductions and maximizes the IRS’s revenue. We assist many clients who haven’t filed their tax returns in years, and in many cases, we can reduce the liability that has accrued, bring the taxpayer legally current, and maintain their returns with our year-over-year tax planning and preparation service.
For the most part, we are generally able to stop most forms of collections against our clients quickly. When you decide to take advantage of our services, we will assume tax power of attorney (IRS form 2848, which you can review on our forms page) which allows us to do several very important things for you. First, it gives us authority to speak to the IRS on your behalf, letting us contact the IRS and request either a 30, 60, or 90 day hold on collections, and when appropriate, we can even place an account into what’s called CNC – Currently Non Collectible, wherein the IRS will cease collection action indefinitely. The second thing the 2848 allows us to do is get your mail and notices, which keeps us current with your case and directs correspondence through our office instead of your mailbox. From here, we will work with you to tailor a program or relief option best suited to your needs.
IRSPROB.com is a full service tax consulting and mediation provider, offering a suite of solutions including individual and corporate tax return planning, IRS audit and appeals representation, garnishment and levy removal, and IRS negotiations.

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