She failed to pay to the IRS more than $300,000 related to employee and employer taxes.

The owner of a Wisconsin sausage shop pleaded guilty to tax charges and was sentenced one year in prison and ordered to pay $326,905 in restitution to the IRS.

Christa Johnson, 57, of Cambria, Wisconsin, owned Johnson Sausage Shoppe, which operated as a meat processing plant, grocery store, and catering business in Wisconsin since 1996.

According to court records, Johnson failed to timely file quarterly employment tax returns for the company and pay the employment taxes, starting with the first quarter of 2013 through the fourth quarter of 2016.

During that time span, Johnson Sausage Shoppe paid approximately $1.5 million in wages and withheld from those wages FICA taxes and the employee income taxes, which totaled $211,337.32, none of which was paid over to the IRS.

Johnson also failed to pay to the IRS the employer’s matching share of FICA taxes, which totaled $111,137.86, and federal unemployment taxes which totaled $4,430.54, for the same time period. In total, Johnson Sausage Shoppe owed $326,905 in unpaid taxes to the IRS.

The federal judge who sentenced Johnson noted that she had been warned that she was in violation of tax law, but she ignored those warnings.