The Earned Income Tax Credit can give qualifying workers with low-to-moderate income a significant financial boost. Aside from reducing the amount of tax someone owes,  it may also give them a refund even if they don’t owe any taxes or don’t need to file a return. People must meet certain requirements and file a federal tax return in order to receive this credit.

Who is eligible?

  • A taxpayer’s eligibility for the credit may vary from year to year, so it’s a good idea for people to use the IRS’ EITC Assistgant to see if they qualify.
  • Eligibility can be affected by major life changes such as:
  • a new job or loss of a job.
  • unemployment benefits.
  • a change in income.
  • a change in marital status.
  • the birth or death of a child.
  • a change in a spouse’s employment situation.