We Saved Them $70,902.22!

When you pay self-employment tax AND income tax, this causes financial strain.  Self-employment taxes add an additional 15.3% on to an already high tax rate making it hard for hard-working taxpayers to keep up.  When your behind, it’s nearly impossible to catch up.

Our client owed $90,092.22 in prior year taxes.  The IRS was after them!

We went to work immediately and started an Offer in Compromise.  Over 150 pages of forms and documents were provided to the IRS during this process and it took 12 months from beginning to end.  It was a long and hard process and many tears were shed in the process.

The ACCEPTANCE to IRSProb.com’s offer was accepted this week.  This one is an especially sweet victory for us because of what a good person we were able to help.  We know that this will have a hugely positive impact on the family and their future.

Not everyone who owes taxes can qualify for an offer in compromise that saves them $70,902.22 in taxes.  We talk people through these details daily.  However, when they do; the result is life-changing.

If you or someone you know has IRS problems, call us today for a free tax analysis strategy session at (214) 214-3000.