Off to Prison for Policeman & Spouse

Robert Foster, an ex police officer, and his wife have been convicted of tax and insurance fraud, money laundering and exploiting workers.  Money laundering in the amount of 18 million dollars connected with a private security company that they owned.

Robert and his wife pocketed millions of dollars by paying employees under the table, underreporting employee injuries, not paying their employees for overtime and reporting false payroll.  When investigated, it was found that the Fosters hid around 8 million dollars in payroll over three years, averting $578,716.56 in taxes and $560,293 in insurance premiums.

The Fosters dissuaded employees from reporting on the job injuries.

Robert Foster was sentenced to three years in prison.  His wife was sentenced to one year in prison.  They were forced to pay $1 million dollars to an insurance company and to the state’s Employee Development Department and face an order of restitution to pay the affected employees.