Offer In Compromise

The Offer in Compromise (OIC) program offered by the IRS is for taxpayers who are unable to pay their tax debt in full. This allows the taxpayer a way to settle the outstanding tax liability for an amount less than what is actually owed. The taxpayer’s inability to pay can be due to a variety of factors including insufficient income available to pay the tax while continuing to pay for the taxpayer’s need, a lack of valuable assets that could be seized by the IRS in lieu of payment, and whether or not the taxpayer actually owes the underlying tax is a large factor as well. The majority of taxpayers who attempt to submit their own Offers in Compromise are denied by the IRS due to errors on submissions which potentially cost them thousands of dollars and may even eliminate the Offer in Compromise being an option.

The IRS will review the taxpayer’s financial situation and other factors to determine whether an OIC is appropriate. If the IRS approves the OIC, the taxpayer will be required to pay the agreed-upon amount and comply with the terms of the agreement. If the taxpayer fails to comply with the terms of the OIC, the IRS may terminate the agreement and require the taxpayer to pay the full amount of their tax debt.

At, we professionally guide our clients through the OIC prerequisites.  The success of the IRS offer in compromise depends on the preparation of the IRS offer in compromise book that we send in to the IRS and of course the financial situation of the client.

The IRS Offer in Compromise program is the best option for qualifying taxpayers. If you qualify, you can fully pay off your tax debt for just a fraction of the original cost.

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