Navigating the IRS Storm: What You Need to Know

Buckle up, folks. The IRS is making waves with some significant changes in its enforcement game. With a hefty $80 billion boost promised by lawmakers in 2022, the tax agency is gearing up for a major overhaul in its tactics in both audits and collections.

But here’s the twist: Congress has pulled back 25% of that funding. Yet, despite the setback, the IRS is more than doubling down on its efforts. Their targets? Businessmen, partnerships, high-earners, those owing the IRS, and anyone dipping their toes into digital currency. It’s a shake-up that’s got everyone talking.

Why You Should Pay Attention

For big players, audit rates are set to surge from 9% to a whopping 22.6% by 2026. Even smaller fish aren’t getting off lightly. And if you’re pulling in a hefty income, get ready. Audit rates for incomes over $10 million are climbing from 11% to 16.5% by 2026.

With the IRS tightening its grip, every taxpayer needs to be prepared for what’s coming.

Protecting Your Bottom Line

But don’t panic just yet. Amidst the chaos, there’s some good news. The IRS has promised to leave married filing jointly taxpayers earning $400,000 or less alone ($200,000 for singles; $300,000 for head-of-households). But there’s a catch. This protection only applies if your total positive income (the total of all your 1099s included—not just the net) stays below that threshold. Navigating these waters requires a steady hand.

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Take Control: Act Now—Plan and Save

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