January 2023 Newsletter

Meet Randy Martin, the Go-To IRS Resolution CPA

When I was in high school, I already knew three things I wanted to do in the future. First, I wanted to do something that helped people. That was most important, but I also wanted to open my own business. On top of that, I discovered my love for math and realized I was good at accounting …


We Don’t Just Treat IRS Problems, We Cure Them

A woman came into our office one day, obviously shaken up about something. She said she was referred to us because of her situation and desperately needed our help …


When Did Fantasy Sports Become So Popular?

Fantasy sports continue to grow in popularity every year. It’s rare to meet someone who has never heard of or played in a fantasy sports league. For those unfamiliar, fantasy sports are games where participants build imaginary teams using real-life players. Scores are generated on individual performances from players on your team, so if Tom Brady is on your fantasy team and throws a touchdown in real life, your team also earns points. While it might seem like fantasy sports are a product of the internet, their history actually spans …


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