Tax Savings of $235,404.37!!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Our client came to us a years ago with an IRS tax problem that had plagued him since 2005.  The IRS was after him for $235,600.37 and just levied his and his wife’s bank accounts.

Nothing stops a person in their tracks like a bank levy.  You never really know what it’s like to not have any money until you have no access to your funds.  In your house, when the electricity goes off and every time you walk into a room you try to flip on the lights only to remember the electricity’s off.  It’s the same feeling when the IRS seizes your bank account.  Every time you try to use your debit card, you’re not able to.  Payments get rejected—penalty charges pile up.

We went to work first on getting the levies released and understanding the history of events and obtaining situational awareness.  Then we dove in on the taxes.  What was driving such a large balance for this taxpayer?

After working on the case for 11 months and applying pressure on decision makers at high levels within the organization, we got our victory and were happy for the day.  The client was ecstatic.  A huge burden was lifted off of his shoulders.  He exclaimed that he could finally rest again.

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