IRS Christmas Paycheck Levy

What was previously treated with care during Christmas time, the dreaded IRS paycheck garnishment, now knows no bounds.

IRS Christmas Paycheck Levy

There’s never a good time for an IRS Levy, but Christmas time is especially rough. With bills already high and inflation eating away at taxpayer’s earning, a paycheck levy feels fatal.

On December 19th, when we received the call from a taxpayer that his paycheck was about to get levied, I knew it was going to be a tough one to try to get lifted as quickly as possible–before the IRS revenue officer went on vacation. We had to pull the team together to get it done. Finally, the IRS revenue officer answered my call about 15 mins before 5 o’clock this afternoon and agreed to the release. She was probably tired of our constant faxes and phone calls but our persistence paid off.

One more IRS Levy removed… and a Christmas for one family saved from the IRS Grinch…

Merry Christmas from all of us at