Dog the Bounty Hunter Owes Millions in Unpaid Taxes

Dog has been hit with over $1.6 million in federal and state tax liens

Reality TV star Duane Chapman, better known as “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” has reportedly accumulated millions of dollars in unpaid taxes at both the federal level and across the states of Colorado, Florida, and Hawaii. According to documents filed with the Department of Taxation, Chapman has state liens in Hawaii for “individual income” from 2019 and 2014, totaling $72,229. In Douglas County, Colorado, Chapman has a federal tax lien for the tax years 2014-2019 totaling $799,975, and in Jefferson County, he has another federal tax lien for the same time period totaling $20,147, bringing the total amount owed to $1.6 million.

Chapman recently sold his Florida mansion, which was listed for $1.69 million, in an effort to address his outstanding debts. In an statement to the media, Chapman said he is “working diligently to satisfy these outstanding debts and look forward to putting this behind us.”