Business Owner Serves Three Years in Prison for Failing to Pay Employment Taxes

It’s a sad day when someone who is entrusted with the financial well-being of their employees takes advantage of that trust for their own gain. That’s exactly what happened with Jonas Purisch, owner of two employee staffing companies in Maryland.

Purisch was sentenced to three years in prison after it was discovered that he had failed to pay the IRS over two million dollars in employment taxes that he had collected from his employees between 2018 and 2021. This is especially noteworthy because Purisch had already been convicted in 2013 of filing a false tax return, for which he received a three-month prison sentence.

In addition to his prison sentence for failing to pay the employment (941) taxes, Purisch has also been ordered to pay the IRS 3.4 million dollars in restitution. This serves as a reminder to all business owners to be scrupulous in their financial dealings, especially when it comes to the hard-earned money of their employees

“Maryland Business Owner Sentenced to Three Years in Prison for Failing to Pay Employment Taxes”