$142,657 IRS tax debt had a taxpayer scared to open his mail.  He laid awake at night fearing a dreaded IRS levy of his bank account or IRS garnishment of his paycheck.  The IRS letters and threats were unbearable.  He was worried how this would affect his family.

IRSProb.com came in and immediately got our new client and his spouse protected from IRS levies.  We bought time to prepare case work and make clients’ financials ready for the hearing with the IRS.

Success was achieved after months of hard work and preparation even in the face of the IRS aggressively pushing back against our position.  We were able to get the halt IRS collections allowing our client to get on with his life.

If you or someone you know if plagued with IRS tax debt, call Randy at IRSProb.com at (214) 214-3200 or (833) IRS-PROB.

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